Through My Eyes: All About Me

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Through My Eyes: All About Me

Through My Eyes: All About Me
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Book Description:

(From author Angie Machado’s own words) “Through My Eyes” is a true reflection of my life story. I really thought that because my mother was a prostitute and addicted to drugs that my life would be destined to be just like hers. I decided that I would make a difference knowing that it would be hard starting off with so many obstacles in my way and having no foundation. This was not going to hold me down. I’m a survivor determined to be the best and have the best for me and my kids knowing that I’m not a victim of my circumstance. So I figured that if I exposed the dirty secrets of what happen to me it would never be able to hold me down and it may just help someone expose their secrets to.

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Through My Eyes: All About Me

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